welcome to thetrophyhunter Lyrics Sites OUR LADY PEACE Out Of Here Lyrics, singer by OUR LADY PEACE

you don’t understand and
you don’t try and see
the white is too dull
we need the reds and the greens
you’re big time now
on new york tv
a prime time fool
for everyone to see

can’t see a heaven
is the sky isn’t clear
you can’t change a mind
if it doesn’t want to here

will we ever get out of here
lets stop and think awhile
another time another place
where everyone smiles

you have the rights
or you seem to think
stopped dead in their tracks
other peoples dreams

all those ideas
questioned by doubt
i’m telling you man
you’d better get out

Can’t stop the dance
if the song isn’t done
you can’t stop the change
outnumbered 100 to 1

you don’t understand
you don’t try and see
you’re in the cage and
we’ve got the key

can’t see the future ’til
its in front of you
but you can’t escape it
the future brings the truth



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