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Take it off, sho’ ‘nough kid
Take it off
We gon’ take it from the East to the West
to the North to the South
Show y’all what it’s about
Don’t make me throw no gun in your mouth
You know?
How long is your CREAM? This long?

Eh yo, his belt got karats in it
Swift description, E-320 nigga pitchin
Rock a raw dinosaur chain, hang to his thing
It’s like, he pump isolated, still cashin in CREAM
Niggas in the hood hate him, drew a vase of him
Blaze ’em, he actin like Shallah raisin him
This is hydrogen, son ain’t live as him
He like Maguyver, chin 4 spies with him
Roll relentless, desert that he hold is a gift wish
Shash the list, give his miss dick
Technique, operation: tech scream
Bet CREAM, them alligators jet like a vet swing
Nigga like Nicolas Cage with the gauge in your braids
2 cannons that’ll spray, rockin banana suede
Suck this drunk alcohol dick
Fuck y’all niggas with hits
We bout to shit on y’all shit

Y’all brothas wanna call us out?
Name names, otherwise it’d be the best to shut the fuck up
Get pimp-smacked up, jacked up and macked up
You’re scared and froze of bein exposed
I own Harlem, I bone Harlem, call me the mayor
It’s my borough, you don’t want no problems
I’m on now, you dead pop, all jokes aside
I ride the top, you glide the bottom
Pitfall, 5 foot 9, my dick, balls
Shit y’all, leave flat line to stick your’s
We flip off basic and brace it
8 kills, 47 ways to taste it
Never understand what you never been told
You did your book bitin off of my scrolls
We hit man, Colombo, coats and hats to match
Bust off quick, and then, guns go back

I move like Arthur Ash against God
4 raquets, 8 balls and no practice
Every cypher’s a heated discussion
The industry was like a beat that needed precussion
I brun the music, shit that make crews flip
State that I’m the illest, this is Q.U. shit
I used to heat-hole, now I’m takin over like the repo’
Bitches that roll, Cee-Lo that’ll sniff a kilo’
We went from Frank’s and greens to shanks and beans
Now we drive our Navigators to banks in Queen’s
Y’all can’t fuck around, your words ain’t right
Every time I touch the mic, they say Perb ain’t right
But that’s the truth though, d’oh, infact that’s it
When they drop this shit, I’m gon’ cop that shit
The new star, you want me? I’m at the juice bar
Y’all once hap’ niggas, give me 2 stars

[Chip Banks]
I heard what y’all rappin about, but bring your stash out
You shouldn’t throw rocks if you livin in glass house
Sneak your weak shit at us, on the low though
Where these cats come from, speakin about po’
He got cash to cop and I’m crashin [car crashing]
But half of y’all cats just catchin up to Rae’ last year
Got guns in the jungle, call ’em Jurassic
The chrome, the steel, the 20-shot plastic
While y’all niggas cop jars, me and my niggas cop bars
Gettin head from rock stars
We blowin everything apart, I’m smashin the charts
How I see it? (Yo, how you see it?)

[Chorus: Raekwon]

Eh yo, what you wanna be when you grow up?
Yo, I wanna be a leader
Slow your speed up and stop tryin to be us
Say somethin always, got a future? Stay out the hallways
And get yourself right, a 100 more ways

[Rhyme Recca]
Fly like iceberg, nice with verbs, precise words
Bently swerve, hit the curb, jump out, cock back, spit out
Shut your block down, get out, criminal route
Gangsta shit, can’t talk now, gun in your mouth
Cream Team killas, cacoon cats like caterpillars
Giant size gorillas, break niggas backs from the skrilla
Scratch, greenback track, Fed’s berserk
That’s my word, disrespect Recca, get what you deserve
Inferno, melt down mic’s, millionaire in my afterlife
Broke bread with Christ on the last night
Apocalypse, sleep with 4-5th, 2 clips
Passport, cellphone with the removable micro-chip
Specialist, 40-karat Sicillian necklace
Matching bracelet, Cream Team crisp the basic



PASSION PIT Seaweed Song

welcome to thetrophyhunter Lyrics Sites PASSION PIT Seaweed Song Lyrics, singer by PASSION PIT

Some day you’ll see
Surrounded by angels
Floating atop of the sea
Abandon me
Don’t go where they go
Don’t sing all the songs they sing

Nobody knows you
The way you know you
But I think I do
But I thought I knew
Yeah, I thought I knew

Nobody knows you
The way you know you
But I think I do
But I thought I knew
Yeah, I thought I knew

Between these walls
Her back, strange glimpse
Casts shadows frighteningly tall
I slow to a crawl
I jump and I yell
But she hears nothing at all

Nobody knows you
The way you know you
But I think I do
But I thought I knew
Yeah, I thought I knew

Nobody knows you
The way you know you
But I think I do
But I thought I knew
Yeah, I thought I knew

Stay, stay the same
‘Cause everything else will change
And I’ve always been to blame
So please just stay the same

The currents pull me in
The tide has reached my chin
The seaweed tickles skin
Just let the water win

I’m freezing to the bone
You’ll never be at home
Just watch, you’re running out
Just watch your body go

Nobody knows you
The way you know you
But I think I do
But I thought I knew
Yeah, I thought I knew

Nobody knows you
The way you know you
But I think I do
But I thought I knew
Yeah, I thought I knew


PASSENGER What Will Become Of Us

welcome to thetrophyhunter Lyrics Sites PASSENGER What Will Become Of Us Lyrics, singer by PASSENGER

Well, wood burns, and metal rusts,
So, darling, what?s to become of us,
When the weather turns, and they say it must,
Well, we?ll need coats for the both of us,
But the wool is thin and it?s full of holes,
And there?s no heat in this abandoned bus,
So will we go alone, out on our own,
Oh, darling, what?s to become of us

Well, boats sink into the sea,
And airplanes that crash like computer screens,
And signals fail, trains derail,
And car bonnets crumple like magazines,
?Til they?re put in piles like stacks of tiles,
In a yard full of fridges and broken stuff,
Will we go alone out on our own,
Oh, darling, what?s to become of us

We will bite our noses off to spite our faces,
Both of us will rust like metal fences in the rain,
You will pour the gasoline and I will spark the matches,
We will burn within our fire, we will burn within our flames

Well, yeast ferments and milk sours,
When it?s out of the fridge for too many hours,
Well, we lament in separate towers,
Never knowing if we?re brave or if we?re cowards,
For they pour cement down this hole of ours,
And we?ll be stuck under stones and flowers,
Will we go alone out on our own,
Oh, darling, that?s what will become of us



welcome to thetrophyhunter Lyrics Sites RAEKWON Real Life Lyrics, singer by RAEKWON

Smash you grilla…..
That’s right, that’s right
A hundred and ninety-six million
nine hundred and forty thousand
square miles, on this planet
Fresh outta New York

[Verse 1:]
Rollie what’s up son Noodles had a problem
He called Lucky Hands lab saying niggas mobbed him
Max was on the outskirt trickin’ in DC
Blaze had a shorty in his lab gettin’ weed for free
That night I was in the cut alone zoned out
Suggest I rock a utility vest when I’m bonin’ out
Yeah you know it, Bobby told me before
Keep the heat by the side of the door
Ready for military war
Numerous cats, niggas is uterus
Who this, claimin’ that he loking for Louis Rich
Diamond a young king doing his thing
Big safes out in Beijing
Aqua green thing
One connect had turned on him
God, shit got realer than a fuck
Crackers up state want him
Marshalls came through the hood that night
Bagged my man Chaz 32 bags he copped flight
Now he upstate baggin’ niggas
House and Air Maxs big ACs
Won the Oscar award for crabbing niggas
Now all y’all niggas get to laugh now
Who got the last laugh now
Hit his stash house

It’s called real life
Y’all niggas betta see the light fast pa
Real life, it don’t cost nuttin’ just to blast
Real life, lay down son you won’t last
Real life
Real life
Real life

[Verse 2:]
February tenth day on a Wednesday
It’s like grimsday
Russian hats rocking it the Benz way
That day we got guns on us
Jakes want us,
Playin Einstein lenses and Auroras
Little meek caught us
Couple of francs, peep the blue Taurus
What up tuck your chain they came for us
Jumped out big nines and some hard bottles
Eyes of hate finally meeting up wid the stakes
It was who I thought it was
2 pair of Clarks one pair of Lugz
Wit the hardbottom nigga wid the snub
Cocked it, where rock at, stop that
Violate this cipher pa we’ll definitely strike back
All of us right there slight fear in our heart
Blink we take it right there
Doing our thing apart
Broad jumped out tryin’ to run shit
Spoken loud words all we want is his head
He did some dumb shit
Beef from Miami now
Damn yo big head Lance in some wild shit
Noodles caught the stair down
Now it came back to me yo
Handle it wise and brutally yo
Put down your tooly and talk like men
No shots rang yo, hittin’ the ground like mangoes
Swiss cheese the thirty-G dorango
Few weeks later son seem ’em all..
I mean ’em all..

[Hook x2]